Ready, Set, Go — Classroom Organization

It’s Labor Day Weekend, so the perfect time to get back to blogging.  This week, I spend some time setting up my room and doing some deliberate changes to improve this year.

I am ready to welcome students to my classroom next week with a piece of chart paper where they can sign in to being a part of Room 302 this year.  (I’m glad to welcome you virtually to my room.  Feel free to sign in using the comments.)


The interactive whiteboard moved to a new wall! It was a great time to revision the room. But it also left an unsightly area on the wall painted a different color.  I partially covered the area with a reminder of vertical and horizontal. Amazing how hard these words can be to remember.


I now actually have less whiteboard space than before.  I moved learning goals, homework, and test notices to a magnetic chalkboard.   I purchased a set of CCSS cards from Carson Dellosa that slip right into the magnetic holders from Lakeshore Learning. This area is near the door and easy to see from every location in the room.

This year, I want to focus more on the Mathematical Practices. To remind me and to help students understand them, I posted a set I found on TeachersPayTeachers with the important information.

I’ve also posted a chart for classroom jobs.  I need the students to do more to keep our environment workable; plug in the Chromebooks, put the materials away, and help handle the papers.


To help tame the paper dragon, I am using my turn-in boxes I got for 90% off at the Container Store last spring. I love them because when they are empty, they appear to glow.  To help students that are absent, one of the classroom jobs will be to place a paper in the appropriate folder on the bulletin board.


The “back wall” of the room is where all the “mathy” resources are posted, a word wall for 7th grade and 8th grade math, hints to the math that is invisible, and a poster for


Also by the 8th grade word wall, I have place a student supply area.  One of the classroom jobs will be to see that all the calculators are returned to their appropriate slots and that 10 teacher pencils are sharpened and returned at the end of class.  I purchased a classroom electric pencil sharpener that is supposed to be quiet. Let’s hope as I hate when students try to sharpen pencils during class discussions.


In my guerrilla efforts to make math cool, I  have put a few posters outside my room. The “bluish” ones have quotes about math.  They were free from MapleSoft.  Others highlighting how math is used in everyday life and the work of women in the field of mathematics were provided by the American Mathematics Society.

Finally, my favorite addition is “How to be a Math Person.” 1) Do some math 2) Be a person. This image is available for free on TeachersPayTeachers. I printed it using Staples online print services for color blueprints for just $2.99.  It was a bargain.




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