Unscrambling Math



I have been challenged this week to write about one good thing.  Fortunately this one is easy.

As part of my job as the Math Intervention teacher, I get the opportunity to go into other teachers classrooms.  For 6th grade, this means once a week, we divide the students into 4 small groups with 3 groups getting direct instruction with the teacher.   Our 4th station is for computer learning, either a game or a practice questions on-line specific to the unit.

What makes this the one good thing?  The students love this day!  When I go into the room the are excited because they know it means small groups.  It means manipulatives and movement.

This week I was reminded how important this day is for students when on boy asked the special education co-teacher when it would be station day again.   Knowing this one student was looking forward to stations day made it special for me too.

What did we do?  Walked the number line using  masking tape number lines created by the students.   Students started a zero and moved positive 5.  Then they stepped 5 in the negative direction.  They answered the questions, “Where are you now?”  The repeated several of these additive inverse walking activities.  One by one they started to notice, they always ended at zero.  Then they started to predict, if I walk negative 4, I need to walk positive 4 to get back to zero.

By breaking into a small group, we could let students discover additive inverses for themselves using their minds and their feet.  They were engaged in their learning.  That makes it my one good thing.

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3 thoughts on “Unscrambling Math

  1. Great post!
    I also have one day a week in my grade 9 and 10 classes that is different from the normal day. We focus on taking past skills and making them better. Kids love and appreciate these days. It’s easy for us teachers to rationalize not using these days because of time, but they are totally worth it.


  2. I also teach some intervention groups as the Math Lead in our building and we have tried incorporating movement to get kids thinking in different ways. We are finding great success with 100 charts that need to be filled in with cards (we’re 5th grade), but it aids in fluency and patterning. The kids, just like yours are getting up and loving it!


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